Artwork specifications

Before submitting your artwork to GSP please review our specifications.



Feel free to contact GSP Print on 02 8784 5120 for specific job details.


File format

Preferred is a high resolution print ready PDF file (maximum PDf file size of 500MB). Other accepted file types are Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.


All images and files are to be supplied 300dpi at the artwork size (CMYK).

Black specification

Digital Print: All blacks to be supplied as CMY=60% and K=100% (disable overprint).


All fonts / text to be converted to outlines.

More information

Feel free to contact GSP Print on 02 8784 5120 for your specific job details.

File processing

GSP is the first Australian large format printing company to accept artwork via Adstreamâ„¢. This process performs more than 280 validation checks on any PDF file created in any application. Adstreamâ„¢ also lists all faults and warnings and highlights them visually on the same screen, for easy reference so files can be corrected on the fly and ensures your artwork is delivered to GSP print ready. This means reduced artwork failure, reduced cost and tighter lead times!

Colour Management

GSP understands brand disciplines and respects the hours and talent that have gone in to preparing your creative message. Our technology is designed to make sure that message will look as good as it possibly can whatever the format, print process, or size.

As part of this process, we apply colour profiles (ISO 12647 v2 colour space) to every element of the campaign which are calibrated across print devices and substrates in order to select the best printing process for each job; so that colours reproduce the way you expect them to across inks, substrates and printers used. The ISO profiles are applied as part of the automated PDF workflow through our studio to ensure your files are sent to each press print ready to avoid production delays; and to enable greater colour consistency and quality control throughout the process.